Black Beaver Canoe Company

26 Queensgate Blvd
Sault Ste Marie ON P6A 6Y6


For twenty years we have been building canoes and canoe furniture using only the finest materials.ii' light weight

Ribs and planking are clear, straight-grain white cedar.  Inner gunwales are white or sitka spruce.  Outer gunwales, decks, thwarts and seat frames are white ash.  Seats are rawhide-laced or cane. 

Treated canvas is filled with traditional silica and oil filler.   Premium marine enamel and spar varnish are used to finish the canoes.  All fasteners are brass or silicon-bronze. 

We do restoration and canvas recovering in full or part. 
Occasionally we cover a canoe with clear fiberglass so the beauty of the wood can be appreciated. 

We build an 11-foot lightweight canoe (36 lbs) based on the Chestnut lightweight, and a 15-foot all-purpose canoe (Ron's Special).


    15' canoe


Our canoe furniture line is built in much the same way as our canoes and consists of  a 7-foot and a 3 1/2 -foot bookshelf, a 28-inch flat-topped shelf unit (television stand, bedside table, bookshelf), five-foot coffee table with matching end table, and a wanigan.  furniture

Visitors are always welcome.

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Black Beaver Canoe Company / owners Ron & Henrietta Pellinen

you can contact us by email: hr.pellinen@shaw.ca

phone: (705) 759-1868